YTTF (Yashwantrao Technical and Training Foundation)

YTTF is ARMS GROUP initiative a non profitable foundation which envisions to make Indian youth trained in various sectors of industry to make them employable.

This dream is supported by Government through National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), affiliated by AICTE which emphasizes it's authenticity and genuineness.

Ten years down the lane YTTF wants to see about 100 thousand youth to be trained and established in the industry. To make this happen, YTTF promotes On Job Training (OJT) and ensures that trainees get at least 3 months to 3 years of experience on job which makes them vocationally more equipped.

YTTF also ensures that the trainees get best of exposure and atmosphere in the industry. At the end of the tenure, they are certified as NEEM trainees which opens horizons for them. We believe, "if youth is empowered, the country is empowered"


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